alex ovechkin says gr8 things (2/?).

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you know we spend a lot of time talking about ryan nugent-hopkins and his long name but man



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Close As Strangers // 5 Seconds of Summer // x or x or x or x (right click & save as) or x

full album here

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So I wasn’t really looking forward to working until 7 tonight but it wasn’t so bad. A girl I work with that got out at 4 came back an hour later and surprised us all with milkshakes. Then a girl that works at one of the other branches came in to visit with her adorable little puppy. There may have been some annoying customers but there’s nothing a milkshake and a puppy can’t fix. 

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longdaysandpleasantnights  Good times at the #apmas last night. Photo by @thomasfalcone

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but seriously from 1 - the maine how sincere and real is your favorite band

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